Pleated Sliding Screen


Bi folding sliding tracker doors & windows, retractable screen help bringing the outside in.

The semi transparent pleated mesh design to provide maximum view with minimum ventilation.

Rs.225/- per sft.



Pleated Sliding Windows Doors Screen

  • Bi collapsing sliding tracker entryways and windows, retractable screen help acquiring the outside.
  • The semi straightforward creased work configuration to furnish greatest view with least ventilation.
  • Appropriate for extensive openings up to 29’6″ wide x 10’6″ high
  • Screen casing is particularly intended to be incorporated with, and surface-mounted, to the Doors’ casing
  • Bring down cost than the non-creased screen and visually impaired framework
  • Can likewise be utilized with practically any sort of way to supplement any extensive opening
  • As opposed to winding into edge the creased work falls flawlessly into the edge as an afterthought
  • Creased screen is characteristically more steady with less drooping than most level work screens
  • Can be consolidated with our zero post corner application
  • Sufficiently extreme to withstand genuine utilize.
  • Pull bar retainer framework secures the draw bar in the top track
  • Best track consolidates heap seal to reduction creepy crawly interruption and diminish screen operation clamor


  • Creepy crawly and bugs assurance
  • Refined and present day tasteful that is tactful in appearance
  • Operation is peaceful and smooth with easy opening and shutting
  • To a great degree basic establishment
  • Normal ventilation enhances indoor air quality and lessens the aggregate vitality devoured
  • Awesome for lodges, bungalows and getaway homes
  • Develop the utilization of open air zones
  • Just taps on and off for regular utilize and simple stockpiling
  • Make consistent spaces to open sight lines and amplify living ranges
  • Creased screens are more steady to listing than level work screens


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